Australian Salmon Lures

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7 Australian Salmon Lures The OZ Salmon Love

Australian Salmon are one of the best sports fish Australia’s Southern waters have to offer. Hard fighting, keen to take a lure and accessible to shore based anglers, there is a lot to love about the old salmon. Sure they may not eat the best, but having one on the end of your line is a tonne of fun. The best thing about salmon is they will absolutely smash lures. There are few more exciting things in fishing than casting into school of hungry salmon and watching one chase down your lure. Salmon really will go any lure, but this article lays out some of the best Australian Salmon lures so you can go get amongst it!

Dr Hook School Bully

Salmon absolutely love these lures, available in a range of sizes and weights. For shore casting go the 38gm sinking, for trolling try the 28g floating. We’ve taken these lures out trolling for Salmon and these get picked up every time. Australian made and owned these lures are very high quality for the price.

These lures are rigged with VMC 7266ti inline single hooks and we use a stainless steel (extra heavy duty) 8mm split ring

Price 15.99 to 16.99

Available At

Retrieve – Medium

Halco Twisty

Really you can’t go past a trusty Halco Twisty for Salmon. Keep a full set from 10g for the Salmon Trout to 40g for the big boys in your tackle box. These are one of the most versatile lures on the market and will catch a wide range of fish. When the Salmon are on a fast retrieve is the way to go. Just cast into the school, wait a second or two and then spin that retrieve. You literally can’t wind too fast. Sometimes the Salmon aren’t as fired up, in this case try a intermittent jigs with a pause in between. For casting the 40g twisty goes a mile. Available in chrome and gold, both colours both work well. The other good thing about the Twisty is they’re pretty cheap so if you get busted off a few times you limit the damage to the hip pocket.

Price: $6.99 to $10.99

Available at – Literally any tackle store

Retrieve – Fast

Rapala X-Rap           

When trolling for Salmon you can’t go past the Rapala X-Rap range. Rapala are known for their quality lures. Although on the expensive side you get what you pay for. Not only a trolling lure the long cast range are excellent for shore based anglers when the school is out the back. One of the best things about X-Rap is they come in a bunch of different size, weights and bib sizes. So you can have deep diver for offshore trolling for salmon, or a shallow diver for when you’re targeting them around reef and structure.

Price 24.99

Available at BCF

Retrieve – Slow troll or twitch

Richter Plugs

The king of the cast. Richter plugs may look basic but they definitely work. Salmon will smash these lures day and night. They come in a bunch of colours and weights depending on your set up. If you’re casting directly into the wind with a strong sea breeze pull one of these bad boys out of your tackling box.

Price 8.99

Available at BCF

Retrieve – Variety, get creative!

Yo-Zuri Chrystal Minnows (Floating)

These are great if you’re fishing over shallow reef of 1 to 2 metres. Yo-Zuri’s are quality lures. They are light though so are better for light gear fun and less windy days. The quality premium classic prism finish is excellent and reflecting light even in murky water. Again these lures come in a bunch of colours, we like the holographic red head.

Price 14:00

Available at: Ebay

Retrieve – Medium roll or pause and twitch

Ocean Potion Stick Baits

Another option for Salmon is stick baits. Stick baits are so versatile it’s worth keeping a few of these in your tackle bag. Our favourites are the Ocean Potion Range. 16cm in length and weighing 60 grams these are excellent casting lures. Finished off with quality paint, 3d eyes and VMC hooks there are some quality lures. Stick baits impart no action naturally on the lure. So it’s up to you impart that action, a fast retrieve will skip across the surface. Like wise a slow sweep will allow the lure to sink on the pause.

Price $8:95

Available From:

Retrieve – Up to you!

Shimano Waxwing Saltwater

These lures come with a unique zig-zaggin action imparted by the waxwing design. Like all things Shimano these are quality lures. Use these lures when the school isn’t really active.   These lures also come in a tonne of sizes and are reasonable casters due to their wait. These lures are best when you’re new to lure fishing or taking someone new to lure fishing, as you don’t have to impart action on the lure. Simply wind and the waxwing design does all the work!