Guide to Buying Your First Fishing Kayak 2017

Guide to Buying Your First Fishing Kayak

Guide to Buying Your First Fishing Kayak 2017

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Guide to Buying Your First Fishing Kayak 2017

New fishing kayaks come out all the time, and every year a new and improved super-kayak hits the market and astonishes buyers yet again. Kayaks can be pricey investments. Obviously, it is important to most buyers that they are getting the most for their money.

So if you want to buy your first fishing kayak? but you don’t know which one to whip out the cash for. You can ask the sales rep at your sporting goods store, but they’re more likely than not to tell you that all of their supplies are great. How do you know which fishing kayaks are the best? It all comes down to real consumer reviews to help guide you in your final decision. Fishing kayak reviews help you in your purchase because you can see true pros and cons of any fishing boat you are looking at. What you should look for in kayak reviews are price, weight, functionability, and durability of consumers.

Don’t simply pass a certain kayak by just because it has a poor review or two; rather, look at the overall picture. If more customers are giving a certain product high ratings than poor ones, you’re likely looking at a quality purchase. In other words, don’t just look for negative feedback, read the positive stuff just as eagerly as the bad. You’ll find in most cases the poor reviews are unwarranted compared to the good ones. What you should also look for in fishing kayaks are their return policies and availability in your area, which is often referred to in customer reviews. It may be that the product itself is great, but poor feedback was given for high shipping charges or poor packaging. While overall you should be looking for reviews that are mainly about the kayak itself, it doesn’t hurt your shopping experience to look into the manufacturer as well.

After all, you don’t want to have to deal with bad customer service, costly shipping and handling, or negative return policies, no matter how great a deal may be before you. While researching kayak reviews online is always a great place to start, ask your friends and fishing buddies what type of kayak they use as well before you make a purchase. If you know someone who has a fishing kayak you like, ask if you can take it out for a test use and see how you feel maneuvering it. This can certainly help you in your process of getting one of your own. You’d test drive a car before you bought it, so why not do the same for your fishing aides? A large purchase like this one should not be made blindly.

In the end, online fishing kayak reviews can help you exponentially when you are unsure just of what you are looking to buy. In knowing what other buyers are saying about certain kayaks, you can best make a decision of your own before you whip out the money to buy one. Don’t be afraid to read as many reviews as you can of various kayaks so you can have the best opportunity to buy one that will work great for you. In doing a bit of fishing around, so to speak, you can get the perfect kayak for your next fishing adventure and be happy with your product

This Year’s Ultimate Fishing Kayaks

There are several fishing kayaks this year that will surely impress even the savviest kayakers. This year, Many Kayak brand offered whole line of brand new, never seen before, quality kayaks and a few of the old favorites that featured all-new useful additions. Here are some of the brand new kayaks and why they are so esteemed.

Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12


Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 is a stand-up paddle board that is designed and built for fishing. It receives raving fishing kayak reviews. It is easily maneuvered, and walking around on it is extremely simple. Climbing back onto the platform is made very easy by the middle strap that you can use to pull yourself back up. The Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 is a large kayak, consisting of plenty of sealed compartments for gear. It provides enough room to store the gear needed to fuel an entire overnight river trip.

One of the best features of the Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 paddle board is the many screw-in mounting areas to store any needed gear – this is a decision-making factor for many people. This best fishing kayak comes in at under $500; less than the other kayak models, but created for an entirely different taste. Preference is important.

Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak

This is a popular choice for beginner. It is built for traveling longer distances. Kayaking can get a bit uncomfortable and the Hobie Mirage Outback makes up for it. The most envied characteristic is that, although it is built to move quickly, it has remarkable stability that allows the fisherman to stand and sit. It also features a Vintage CT seating system that can be adjusted to sit either down in the kayak or tall like a bar stool. Tackle is easily accessed by center hatch. The stern and bow hatches both have hefty-sized sealed compartments. This kayak is bit expensive, but well worth the money for an avid kayak fisherman.

Wilderness Systems Ride 115X

It is a very admired and sturdy. It was made as a sit-in model that is designed to provide excellent stability due to the position of the occupant down in the hull, versus the sit-on-top models. Unlike the Hobie Mirage Outback, the person will be standing on a platform that is situated directly on the floor of the kayak; this creates a very stable kayak. The Wilderness Systems Ride 115X also offers its users specifically designed seat with increased comfort in mind. It’s an excellent option for photographers, fisherman, and hunters alike. This kayak also sells for around $1350.

Do you like to stand or sit? Would you like to be able to easily access all the compartments? How about those mounting areas? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself. There is no single kayak that fits all tastes, so it is important for buyers to look for a kayak that fits their personal needs and their style of fishing.